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Rest In Peace
Donald P. Gladu
Feb 15, 1920 - July 27, 1999
Father. Mentor. Friend.
Nicole Reinhart
June 3, 1976 - September. 17, 2000
Bert Roth
Feb 27, 1924 - February 25, 2001
Dir. Rice Owl Band - The MOB

2008 Events
Mas O Menos - 100k MTB - Terlingua, TX - Feb 16 (photos available)
Walburg Road Race - Walburg, TX - Feb 23 (moto-ref)
Pace Bend Road Race - Pace Bend, TX - Feb 24 (moto-ref)
4.   Fayetteville SR - Fayetteville, TX - Mar 15-16 (moto ref)
5.   Warda Race MTB - Warda, TX - Apr 6 (photos available: Beg, Sport/SS I & II, Exp
6.   Coldspring RR - Coldspring, TX - May 3 (moto ref)
7.   Bear Creek Crit - Houston, TX - May 17 (moto-ref)
8.   Houston Grand Criterium - Houston, TX - May 18
9.   AT&T Downtown Austin Criterium - Austin, TX -  Jun 21 (moto-ref)
10. Texas Road ITT Championships - Pattison, TX - Aug 2 (moto-ref)
11. Texas Road TTT Championships - Pattison, TX - Aug 3 (moto-ref)
12. Texas Tough GP Criterium - Dallas, TX - Sep 11 (moto-ref)

2007 Events
1.    UCI World Cup Classics - ADT Event Center - Carson, CA - Jan 18-22 (photos available)
Mas O Menos - 100k MTB - Terlingua, TX - Feb 17 (photos available)
3.    The Primavera I & II - Lago Vista, TX - Mar 3/4 (moto ref)
4.    Fayetteville SR - Fayetteville, TX - Mar 17/18
(moto ref)
5.    UCI World Track Championships - Palma de Mallorca, Spain - March 25-April 1 (photos available)
6.    Coldspring RR - Coldspring, TX - April 15 (moto ref)
7.    Houston Grand Criterium - Houston, TX - May 13
(photos available)
8.    BMW Crits - Momentum BMW Test Track - Houston, TX - Race Series (moto ref)
9.    AT&T Downtown Austin Criterium - Austin, TX -  Jun 16 (moto-ref)
10. Matrix Challenge Crits - Dallas, TX - Jul 7/8
11. Texas Road TT Championships - Pattison, TX - Aug 4/5 (moto-ref)
12. Hotter N Hell Hundred - Wichita Falls, TX -  Aug 24/25 (moto-ref)
13. Conquer the Coast Criterium - Corpus Christi, TX - Sept 28 (moto-ref)
14. UCI World Masters Track - Dunc Gray Velodrome - Sydney, AUS - Oct 16-21 (photos available)

2006 Events
1.   UCI World Cup Classics - ADT Event Center - Carson, CA - Jan 20-22 (photos available)
Mas O Menos - 100k MTB - Terlingua, TX - Feb 18 (photos available)
3.   UCI World Track Championships - Bordeaux, France - April 13-16
(photos available)
4.   Fleche Wallone Feminine UCI World Cup - Huy, Belgium
- April 18 (photos available)
5.   USCF Junior Track Nationals - Lehigh Valley Velodrome - T-Town, PA - July 12-15 (timing & scoring practice)

6.   UCI World Masters Track - Manchester Velodrome - Manchester, GB - Sept 11-16 (photos available)
7.   USCF Elite Track Nationals - ADT Event Center - Carson, CA - Oct 4- 8 (photos available)
2005 Events
1.   UCI World Cup Classics - ADT Event Center - Los Angeles, CA - Dec 10-12 2004 (photos available)
Mas O Menos - 100k MTB - Terlingua, TX - Feb 23 (photos available)
3.   NORBA NMBCS #1 - Tapatio Springs Resort - Boerne, TX - Mar 4-6 (photos available)
4.   UCI World Track Championships - ADT Event Center - Los Angeles, CA - Mar 24-27 (photos available)
5.   USCF Elite Track Nationals - ADT Event Center - Los Angeles, CA - Aug 8-12 (photos available)
6.   USCF Masters Track Nationals - Major Taylor Velodrome - Indianapolis, IN - Aug 19-23 (photos available)
7.   UCI World Masters Track - Manchester Velodrome - Manchester, GB - Sept 12-17 (photos available)
8.   AMLI Criterum - Downtown Austin, Texas - Oct 22 (photos available)

2004 Events - the ATRA schedule will be in the back of my mind all year...
1.   Mas O Menos - 100k MTB - Terlingua, TX - Feb 21 (photos available)
2.   Friday Night Racing Season Opener - Frisco Superdrome - Frisco, TX - Mar 5 (camera tests)
3.   La Primavera - Lago Vista, TX - Mar 6-7 (camera tests)
4.   NORBA NMBRS #1 - Cameron Park - Waco, TX - Mar 11-14 (photos available)
5.   UCI WC Qualifier #2 - Alkek Velodrome - Houston, TX - Mar 26-28 (photos available)
6.   Nicole Reinhart Junior Classic - Alkek Velodrome - Houston, TX - April 9-10 (photos available)
7.   UCI WC Qualifier #3 - Frisco Superdrome - Frisco, TX - April 30-May 2 (photos available)
8.   USCF Jr Track Nationals - ADT Event Center - Los Angeles, CA - June 30-July 3 (results/photos)
9.   USCF Elite Track Nationals - Frisco Superdrome - Frisco, TX - Sept 7-11 (photos)
10. UCI World Masters Track - Manchester Velodrome - Manchester, GB - Sept 11-18 (results - Photo Order Form)

2003 Events
1.   AVC #1 - UCI WC Qualifier - San Diego, CA - Feb 28 - Mar 2 (photos & results)
2.   Superdrome in Frisco resurfacing - Mar 31 - Apr 15
3.   AVC #3 - UCI WC Qualifier - Superdrome in Frisco, TX - April 25-27 (photos & results)
4.   USCF Jr Road/Track Natz - Houston, TX - July 3-6 Road; 7/8-12 Track (Photo Order Form)
5.   UCI World Masters Track - Manchester, GBR - Sep 7-13 (Photo Order Form)

2002 Events
1.   Chihuahuan Desert Challenge - Lajitas, Texas - Feb. 13-18 (MTB) (Results)
2.   The Last Warda Race - Warda, TX - Mar 2&3 (Results)
3.   Memorial Hermann Junior Classic - Houston, TX - Apr 12-13 (Results)
4.   AVC #1 - Houston, TX - May 17-18 (Results & Photos)
5.   AVC #2 - Indianapolis, IN - June 28-30 (Results & Photos)
6.   AVC #3 - Colorado Springs, CO - July 4-5 (Results & Photos)
7.   AVC #4 - Redmond, WA - July 12-13 (Results & Photos)
8.   AVC #5 - Portland, OR - July 19-21 (Alpenrose Challenge) (Results & Photos)
9.   USCF Masters Track Nationals - Colorado Springs, CO - Aug 6-10 (Results & Photos)
10. USCF Elite Track Nationals (AVC #6) - Trexlertown, PA - Aug 27-31
11. AVC #7 - Finals - Houston, TX - Sept 13-14 (no photos - I was the PA announcer)
12. UCI World Masters Track - Manchester, England - Sep 16 - 22 (see 'how to buy photos' info below)
13. UCI World Elite Track Championships - Copenhagen, Denmark - Sep 25-29 (on

2001 Events
1.   Chihuahuan Desert Challenge (Texas Series #2) Lajitas, Texas - Feb. 17 - 20 (MTB)(photos)
2.   The Warda Race - (Texas Series #3) Warda, Texas - Mar. 4 & 5 (MTB)(photos)
3.   Flat Creek 2001 Challenge - (Texas Series #4) near Austin, Texas - Mar 17 - 18 (photos)
4.   Friday Night Racing Opening Night - Alkek Velodrome - Mar 23 (photos)
5.   American Velodrome Challenge - AVC Series #1 - San Diego, Ca. 3/31-4/1 (photos)
(SLOW loading)
6.   Friday Night Racing - Alkek Velodrome - Houston, Tx. - Apr 6 (photos)  
7.   BMC Downtown Criterium - Austin, Tx - Apr 7 (ROAD)(photos I) (photos II)
8.   LAF Ride for the Roses - Austin, Tx. - Apr 8 (ROAD)(photos)
9.   American Velodrome Challenge - AVC Series #2 - San Jose, Ca. - Apr 21 (photos)
10. Memorial Hermann Junior Cycling Classic - Alkek Velodrome - Apr 13&14 (photos)
11. American Velodrome Challenge - AVC Series #3 - Frisco, Texas - May 4 & 5 (results)(photos: 1 & 2)
12. American Velodrome Challenge - AVC Series #4 - Houston, Texas - June 1 & 2 (results and photos)
13. USCF Elite Track Nationals - Blaine, Minn - June 12 - 16 (results and photos)
14. American Velodrome Challenge - AVC Series #5 - Blaine, Minn - June 12 - 16 (results and photos)
15. American Velodrome Challenge - AVC Series #6 - Colorado Springs, Co. - July 4 - 6 (results and photos)
16. USCF Masters Track Nationals - Redmond ,Wash - July 13 - 18 (results and photos)
17. American Velodrome Challenge - AVC Series #7 - Portland, Or. - July 27 & 29 (results and photos)
18. American Velodrome Challenge - AVC Series #8 - Redmond, Wa. - Aug 3 - 5 (results and photos)
19. American Velodrome Challenge - AVC Series #9 - Trexlertown, Pa. - Aug 31 & Sept 1
20. New York State Track Championships - Kissena, NY - Sept 3
21. Masters World Championship Tune-up - Superdrome in Frisco, Tx. - Sep 8 - 9
22. UCI Track World Championships - Antwerp, Belgium - Sep 26 - 30 (event site)(velodrome site)(results)
23. UCI World Masters Track - Manchester, England - Oct 8 - 13 (results)

Got URLs for track stuff? Events, results, pix, tracks, equipment, etc. Send it to me by email.
Drop me a line by email if you need pix shot or gleaned from the archives. - Mike Gladu

How to Acquire Images

Special offer for racers only.  When you're ready to purchase images, I will gather together a package
of every shot I have of you from an event, burn your images on CDROM and charge you a single
research and usage rights fee of $50 per rider per event (for example: World Masters is an event.
The Kilo is one race within an event).

I usually shoot big events pretty thoroughly. As such, it's very likely there will be good images of your
efforts in my archives. How many images I have of each rider will vary depending on the events you
rode. If you entered every race allowed at a regional, national or world level event
- there might be 20
or more images
in my files, or if you rode only the 200m sprint qualifying or the 500m TT - a minimum
of 1 or 2
.  Even if you only ride one lap - I may only have that one lap on file. Regardless - under this
special deal for athletes, I charge for my time doing the research - not by the number of images you
end up with.

When you are place an order, do us both a favor and send all the info I will need to identify you from
what may be thousands of images shot at the event. Pay the $50 (in US funds only please) by check,
Postal Money Order or PayPal. The fee is all-inclusive - covering shooting, research, mastering, CDROM
media cost, shipping & handling.
When the funds clear my bank I'll send you the CDROM disk.

Our CDROM disk is guaranteed compatible with all popular operating systems, and comes with PC
and MAC OS viewers on the disk to facilitate image viewing immediately upon receipt.

Instructions for placing a CDROM order:

  1. Send an email message to with ALL the pertinent information necessary
    to identify you (images are culled by sight from the archives). Do whatever it takes for clear identification.
    Your age group, event, days, sessions and times of competition, every bit of clothing you were wearing,
    what kind of bike you rode, wheels, shoes, helmet, your placing and if you made it to the awards podium.
  2. Include the postal shipping address you want the CDROM sent to.
  3. When I send an email response back saying your CDROM is ready, send $50 (in US funds only please) either
    by check, Postal Money Order or (my ID is to:
                Mike Gladu
                5914 Greenmont Drive
                Houston, Texas, USA, 77092-2330
  4. CDROMs are shipped USPS Priority Mail to domestic buyers, and USPS Global Priority Mail for international
    sales. Express international shipping is available for an additional fee.

All photos sold by Mike Gladu on CDROM are copyrighted, and released only for personal, non-profit use.

Release of copyright for other uses (commercial/for-profit) negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

From the Archives

Images from the archives at Infinite Hangtime Photo:
Page 1 - '95 Atlanta Cycling Invitational, '96 U.S. Olympic Trials and Centennial Games in Atlanta.
Page 2 - Chris Boardman. Manchester stuff. Hour record and vs. Italy's Andrea Colinelli at Worlds '96.
Page 3 - '97 Tour de Gruene. 27 mile duet time trial. Lance Armstrong/Kevin Livingston.
Page 4 - '97/'98 Dirt Road Classic. Chris Carlson's 100k dirt road funride for road bikes in North Texas.
Page 5 - Random stuff. My online drop box for pals. Can be some fun stuff. Take a peek.
Page 6 - More Random stuff. Latest image is of Lance in the Nutcracker Ballet 12/26/99 in Austin.
Page 7 - More Lance stuff. Ride for the Roses 1998. Plus some Race Across AMerica 1998 stuff.
Page 8 - 1999 UCI World Cup at the EDS Superdrome In Frisco, Texas
Page 9 - 2000 Season pix start here with the Lajitas Chihuahuan Desert Challenge MTB event.
Page 10 - Warda Race, Texas Championship Series. (maybe someday)
Page 11 - San Jose EDS Cup #1 - Hellyer Velodrome 3/31 to 4/1/2000.
Page 12 - Kendall Jackson Wine Country Criterium - Santa Rosa, Ca. 4/2/2000 LABOR!
Page 13 - BMC Austin Downtown Criterium - 4/8/2000
Page 14 - Lance Armstrong Foundation Ride for the Roses - 4/9/2000
Page 15 - US Olympic Track Trials - Superdrome in Frisco, Texas - 4/25-29/2000
Page 16 - US Paralympic Track Trials - USABA Tandems - Frisco, Texas - 4/25-29/2000
Page 17 - US Paralympic Track Trials - DSUSA riders - Frisco, Texas - 4/25-29/2000
Page 18 - USABA Tandem Team Fernandes & Whaley @ US Paralympic Track Trials 4/25-29/2000
Page 19 - Paralympic Opening Ceremonies - 18/19 Oct. 2000 - Pre-Games stuff
Page 20 - Paralympic Track Day 1 - 19 Oct. - LC3, LC2, LC1 Kilos plus
Page 21 - Paralympic Track Day 2 - 20 Oct. - Oly Sprint & Women's Kilo, Mixed & Men's Pursuit
Page 22 - Paralympic Track Day 3 - 21 Oct. - Fernandes & Whaley Kilometer Gold Medal Ride
Page 23 - Paralympic Track Day 4 - 22 Oct. - LC3, LC2, LC1 Pursuits
Page 24 - Paralympic Track Day 5 - 23 Oct. - Fernandes & Whaley Kilometer Gold Medal Ride
Page 25 - 2001 Season - Chihuahuan Desert Challenge - Lajitas, Texas (all-digital pix)
Page 26 - The Warda Race - Texas MTB Series - 4 Mar (all-digital pix)
Page 27 - Flat Creek Challenge - Texas MTB Series - Mar 18 (all-digital pix)
Page 28 - Friday Night Racing Season Opener - Alkek Velodrome - Mar 23 (all-digital pix)
Page 29 - American Velodrome Challenge - San Diego, Ca. - Mar 31 & Apr 1 (SLOW loading)
Page 30 - BMC Austin Downtown Criterium I - Apr 8 (masters/III's/Jrs)
Page 31 - BMC Austin Downtown Criterium II - Apr 8 (Women/handcycles/Pro/I/II Men)
Page 32 - LAF Ride for the Roses - Austin, Tx. - Apr 9 (ROAD)
Page 33 - Friday Night Racing - Alkek Velodrome - Houston, Tx. - Apr 6
Page 34 - American Velodrome Challenge - AVC Series #2 - San Jose, Ca. - Apr 21
Page 35 - Memorial Hermann Junior Cycling Classic - Day 1 - Alkek Velodrome - Apr 13
Page 36 - Memorial Hermann Junior Cycling Classic - Day 2 - Alkek Velodrome - Apr 14
Page 37 - American Velodrome Challenge - TT 's - AVC Series #3 - Frisco, Texas - May 4 & 5
Page 38 - Image Drop Box. Random images for customers and to illustrate correspondence.

Use the Schedule listings at the top of this page for more image links to the archives.

Cycling News Wire

VeloNews Interactive - The Journal of Competitive Cycling Online
VeloNews - News - shortcut to the latest racing coverage - International results, news and photos
    Track Cycling at
FixedGearFever - track cycling forum and info from the USA - my pals from Australia - name says it all
- the Phoenix Sports posting of USAC event results
Cyclebase - news and results from the Netherlands
Cycling4All - Wim van Rossum's round-up of the European Scene
RIDE Cycling Review - Road and Track from Australia - alternative address
Outside Online - Cycling News, Gear and Event Coverage from Outside Magazine
Great CYCLING - source of online cycling, travel and other outdoor adventure info
Outdoor Life Network - OLN Cable/Satellite TV network Olympic Sports - On rare occasions cycling makes it in here Cycling - ESPN Cycling wire
ESPN Broadcast Schedules - times ESPN might show the cycling they schedule SportsTicker - latest stuff off the wire services
Bikes On TV - TOPICA list that logs upcoming cycling programs on American TV
Yahoo! Sports Cycling - wire service info on cycling
CNNSI Cycling - CNN and Sports Illustrated wire servive reports
Wire Services - Reuters, AP, CNN, NBC, ABC, etc.
El Periodico Online - from SPAIN. Very Java-y and Flash-y
La Gazzetta dello Sport - Cycling news from ITALY
Bicycling Australia - news from down under
Canadian Cyclist - latest news from our neighbors to the North
CycleSport Magazine - Phil Liggett and Company - news from the worlds most spectacular sport
Tandem Magazine - I'm trying to get them intersted in track tandem stuff

U.S. 'dromes

ADT Event Center - Carson, California - indoor facility in the USA. New site:
Alkek Velodrome - Houston, Texas
Alpenrose Velodrome - Portland, Oregon
Baton Rouge Velodrome - Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Recent Photo - Perkins Park Site
Brian Piccolo Velodrome - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (Business Cycles page)
Dick Lane Velodrome - Atlanta, Georgia
Encino Velodrome - Encino, Califonia
Hellyer Velodrome - San Jose, California
Kenosha Velodrome - Kenosha, Wisconsin
Kissena Velodrome - Queens, New York - Kissena Club site - alternate velodrome site - NYC Parks site
Lehigh Valley Velodrome - Trexlertown, Pennsylvania. T-Town BAY-BEE!
Major Taylor Velodrome - Indianapolis, Indiana. OHH-MY!
Marymoor Velodrome - Redmond, Washington
Mike Walden Velodrome - Detroit, Michigan
National Sports Center Velodrome - Blaine, Minnesota.
Northbrook Velodrome - Northbrook, Illinois
San Diego Velodrome - San Diego, California.
7-Eleven - U.S. Olympic Training Center Velodrome - Colorado Springs, Colorado
Superdrome in Frisco, Texas - resurfacing plans in progress
    Superdrome Construction Site - from V96SG, the velodrome design/construction team.
    Resurfacing Images Page - I did some time in Frisco again - and have the pictures to prove it.
Vandedrome - now in Northampton, Massachusetts (PORTABLE) Contact John Frey.
Centennial Olympic Velodrome - moved to Bromont, Quebec, Canada (new site)
A.T.R.A. - The American Track Racing Association

'dromes planned/coming to the USA!

Albuquerque Velodrome - Albuquerque, New Mexico. Winnipeg re-assembled (11/02/2002) (Photos)
Austin Velodrome - Austin, Texas - (proposed)
Boulder Velodrome - Boulder, Colorado - (proposed)
Brooklyn Velodrome - Brooklyn, New York (proposed for Floyd Bennett Field)
Central California Velodrome Movement - Santa Barbara, CA - (proposed) contact Michael Hecker
Hartford Velodrome - Hartford, Connecticut - (proposed) by the Connecticut Cycling Coalition
KSPN - Las Vegas, Nevada - Hotel Sports Complex and Casino
Sacramento Velodrome - Sacramento California - (proposed) contact Warren Geissert

'dromes Around the World

Got a link to an international velodrome? Especially one I don't have? Send it to me by email!

Amsterdam Velodrome - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Argyll Velodrome - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Athens 2004 Olympic Velodrome - Athens, Greece - site map helps it make more sense
Berlin Velodrome - Berlin, Germany (in English - off the Schuermann site)
Berlin Velodrome - Berlin, Germany (in German)
Bromont Velodrome - Bromont, Quebec, Canada - (in English) reassembled 1996 Atlanta Olympic
Burnaby Velodrome - Burnaby, BC, Canada - new link
Calshot Velodrome - Southhampton, England - indoor velodrome at the Calshot Activities Centre
Cologne Velodrome - Koln, Germany (in German)
Cologne Velodrome - Cologne, Germany (in English - off the Schuermann site)
Costa Rica Velodrome - 333 meter, 26 degree concrete in Central America
Dieppe Velodrome - New Brunswick, Canada
Dunc Gray Velodrome - Bankston, Australia - home of the 2000 Sydney Olympics (Pictures)
Dunedin Velodrome - Mosgiel, New Zealand - home of the 2001 NZ Nationals
Forest City Velodrome - London, Ontario Canada
Glenmore Velodrome - Calgary, Alberta, Canada Calgary Track Racing League
Herne Hill Velodrome - London, England - 1948 Olympics
Juan de Fuca Velodrome - Victoria, BC, Canada
Koshein Keirin Stadium - Japan (in Kanji) wish I had a translation
Louis Garneau - St Augustin, Quebec, Canada - Junek 200m/50 degree - more pix here
Manukau Velodrome - Manukau, New Zealand.
Manchester Velodrome - Manchester, England
Meadowbank Velodrome - Edinburgh, Scotland - Meadowbank Track League
Novo Mesto Velodrome - Novo Mesto, Slovenia - 250m/7.7m/44/12/Afzalia - Pretty!
Palmer Park Stadium Velodrome - Reading, Berkshire, England - 459 meter asphalt outdoor
Pan American Velodrome - Winnipeg, Canada - Now in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Pietro Francone Velodrome - San Francesco del Campo, Italy - 400m/32deg - (in Italian)
Paolo Borsellino Velodrome - Palermo, Italy (borrowed info from their IT provider's site)
Rome Velodrome - Rome, Italy (from a 1961 "first day issue" postage stamp and postcard)
Siemens Arena - Ballerup, Denmark - Home of 2002 World Championships
Te Awamutu Velodrome - Te Awamutu, New Zealand
Westpac Trust Velodrome - Wangaui, New Zealand
Korean Keirin School - Youngju, South Korea - 250m and 333m board tracks side by side
ANVI - Italian National Velodrome Association
Human Powered Rollercoaster - my favorite homegrown velodrome. (PORTABLE. FIGURE 8!)

International 'dromes on the drawing board

London Velodrome Project - London, England
Montreal Velodrome - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

'drome Designers/Builders/Webmasters

Schuermann Architects builders of more than 100 of the worlds greatest velodromes
Peter Junek - Board Track Racing Inc. - Fonthills, Hamilton and Winnipeg, Canada Velodrome designer
Ryder Associates Architects - Dunc Gray Velodrome in Sydney facilities (track design by RV Webb)
USA Velodromes - builder of the Montreal Olympic, first portable and the ubiquitous figure-8 velodrome
Ken Hart's velodrome homepage collection. Want one for your velodrome? He'll build it for you.
Dale Hughes V96SG - Atlanta Olympic, Superdrome and Mike Walden velodrome builder
Chris Nadovich Centennial Olympic Velodrome at Stone Mountain, Georgia designer

Books and Articles on Track Racing,
'dromes, Builders and Track Design

NO BRAKES! - Sandy Sutherland's book on track racing in the USA. Purchase from
Track Talk - UCI Track Commission Vice President Ray Godkin's interview with Paul Ryder
Velotracks - Dupont Corian II surface, steel underpinnings. From Paul Ryder & Co. NEW!
The Vanishing Velodrome - from American Scientist.
Interview With Chris Nadovich - from Phil Aronson's NCNCA site.
Interview With Chris Nadovich - another one, this time from Renselaer Magazine.
Stone Mountain Velodrome - from Mathmatica software site (Wolfram Research).
1996 Atlanta Olympic Velodrome - Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA - from Bicycle Online.
A Track FAQ from Durer Shomer by way of Minnesota.

Other Useful Track Related Sites

UCI Regulations - available in Acrobat .PDF format - Track Rules
USAC Regulations - available in Acrobat .PDF format - Track Rules
South Korean Keirin Regulations - in not-so-good English - Keirin Rules
Analytic Cycling - bicycle tech for the cycling scientist
Phoenix Sports Technologies - Fred Patton's timing system design and event services.
MATSPORT - Phoenix Sports Technologies European Partner in Grenoble, France.
FINISHLYNX - digital image-capture photofinish systems. The world standard for cycling applications.
Flo's Track Cycling Page - site (in Eng, Esp, Deu) with 1999 UCI Worlds Berlin inside info.
Alpenrose Track Links Page - Jamie Mikami duelling me for track site link supremacy.

Track Coaching Registry

I'm frequently asked to recommend a track coach. I know quite a few. Rather than play favorites,
Someday I'm going to put together an online list for folks to pick their own. To meet that end, I'm collecting
contact info from track cycling coaches, trainers and directors of rider development programs worldwide.

Interested? Go to the Track Coaching page and play.

I've probably got enough info from coaches to go online with Version 1.0.
I'm terribly behind on doing this, but it will get done. Keep the info coming!

Governing Bodies

USA Cycling - parent organisation of the USCF, USPRO, NORBA, NCCA, NBL.
USCF - United States Cycling Federation
UCI - Union Cycliste Internationale
UMCA - UltraMarathon Cycling Association.
IHPVA - International Human Powered Vehicle Association
AIS - Australian Institute of Sport Track Cycling section
FQSC - Quebec Cycling Federation
FCI - Italian Cycling Federation
CCF - Croatian Cycling Federation
JCF - Japanese Cycling Federation
JICF - Japanese Intercollegiate Cycling Association
Japan Keirin Association - their 1996 brochure.
CRA - Korean Cycling Association
    Keirin racing in Seoul, Korea
USCF Central Section - Central Region USCF Trustee Gary Stephenson's site
TXBRA - Texas Bicycle Racing Association
TMBRA - Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association

Team Sites

Southern Elite - my team. You can find me looking rotund in the Members/Masters section.
LABOR POWER - Home of the HACK PACK. The pound/flail boys!
Hammer Racing Team - Masters from Colorado local to the 7-11 'drome in Colorado Springs.
Pista Elite - track team out of Cleveland, Ohio
Speedway Wheelmen - Local to the Major Taylor Velodrome in Indianapolis.
Team EDS - Dead and gone. Sad.
Team Internet Event Finder - Cycling events of all types collected and listed.

Club Sites

St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club - Minnesota club rides the Blaine/NSC Velodrome. Great beginner racer tips.
New Orleans Bicycle Club - miles away, but they ride the Baton Rouge Velodrome
SouthBay Wheelmen - work out at LA's Olympic and Encino Velodromes
Stanford Coed Club Cycling - active collegiate program on San Jose's Hellyer Velodrome
The NCNCA Feed Zone - Phil Aaronson's Northern California/Nevada Cycling Association site
Mid-Atlantic Cycling Pages - East coast racing and cycling
Prickett Atom Elite - a team that rides the Manchester velodrome in England

Bike Shops, Cycling Toys,
Track Goodies and Services

Airo International - Corima, Lotus, etc. from Encinitas, California
Bicycle Posters and Prints - J & J Enterprises - Judy and Jerry Lambert's cycling gifts and memorabilia.
Bicycle Sports - best source of aero info and equipment in the USA - Shreveport, La.
Bicycle Classics - vintage and NOS (New Old Stock) Campagnolo parts from Massachusetts.
Bill Ron's Bicycles - Supplier of custom track frames and parts in Redondo Beach, California.
Bulltek Sports - Euro brands: Debernardi, Colnago, Olmo and the usual components from Nevada
Business Cycles - Page upon page of classic modern track equipment - in Miami, Fla.
BT Bicycles - Bike Technologies Australia, official team bike for: Australia, New Zealand & Netherlands.
B&J Bicycle Shop - Excellent bike shop in San Antonio, Texas.
Chub Hub - high performance spoked track wheels
Corima - carbon fiber bikes and wheels.
Falcon Sports - makers of the ACCEL disk wheel.
Gregg's Cycles Stan Gregg's bike shop near the Marymoor Velodrome in Seattle.
Menotomy Vintage Bicycles - You got an old bike? Find out what it's worth. In Massachusetts. - accept no substitutes.
Richardson Bike Mart - Official Retail Bike Shop Partner of the Superdrome In Frisco.
Rohloff - Chains, hubs and related stuff.
Sheldon Brown - articles and how-to's, with access to Harris Cyclery.
SoloVelo - fixed gear bikes for road and track in Albany, California.
SportKilt - is it a fashion accessory or a portable changing room? A MUST for all bike racers.
Texas Cyclesport - home of master wheelbuilder Nelo Breda - Austin, Texas.
Trac Sac - a bag for your cogs, rings and tools. Available only from TRW.
Texas Racing Works - Richardson, Texas - single and tandem track bike experts.
Tire Alert! - sew-up/tubular tire repair.
Trialtir Imports - USA distributor of COLNAGO Master Pista and Dream Pista
TrueSports - results, calendars and velodrome links - all-inclusive track news and bike shop site in England
US Auzzie Sales - American home of (BT) Bike Technologies Australia. BT Track frames and BT-ATS training system
Vintage Velos Homepage - I love antique bikes. Check out Fausto Coppi's Bianchi track bike. - High End Track Racing Bicycles - Colnago Dealer - Houston, Texas
World Class Cycles - track stuff from Commack, New York
ZIPP - Speed Weaponry - wheels and stuff
Glen Winkel - Optimal Nutrition - USPS rider and 1997 UCI World Masters Pursuit Champion.
Bike Mechanics Network - join the US National Team the hard way - as a mechanic.
Mechanics Advisory Council - resources for the USCF licensed wrench.

Track Bikes

Building a list of every available track frame is silly, but now that I've started...

Anchor - Bridgestone's beautiful track bike, in standard, sprint and TT (see Euro-Asia Imports)
Atherton - Boyd Atherton makes a fine track frame in North Texas
Aquila - steel and aluminum offerings from Toronto, Canada
Benotto - Mexico's finest. Available through
Bianchi - Pista is a classic, 2003 designis identical to the FUJI TrackPro, only in flat black and celeste
Bilenky - custom singles (Record and Daily Planet) and tandems from Pennsylvania
BTA Track Bikes - Bike Technologies Australia, official team bike for: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and China
Brew Racing Frames - Steve Garn makes a damn fine track frame in North Carolina
Calfee Designs - order the Pista Royal Track - light like no other.
Campbell-Cunefare - compact frames - official frame of the USPS Masters team
Cannondale - is back in the track frame market with their CAAD5 "Major Taylor" model
Cervelo - famous for the P2T
Cinelli - classic track frames if you can find them
Colnago - Trialtir imports the Master X Light Pista, Master Pista, and Dream Pista
Condor - steel and aluminum from England
Corima - high-tech carbon fiber bikes and wheels from France.
DEAN - titanium one-off track customs
Eddy Merckx - Elite Piste is the current ride of Marty Nothstein
Ellsworth - Ramona, California
Gios - pista from Italy
Harry Havnoonian - makers of ALL sizes of track bike - from 16" to 700c wheels
Ibis Bicycles - (BANKRUPT) John Castellano will do repairs and warranty work.
FUJI Bicycles - the Track/Track SE, and new TrackPro in aluminum.
Javelin - their "Frisco" frame is popular
KHS Bicycles - entry-level steel track bikes like the Flite100.
Land Shark - TIG welded beauties from Oregon, USA
LOOK - the French National Team rides their KG 396 - good luck getting one
Litespeed - titanium at its best - track frames fall under the 'custom only ' category
Marinoni Bicycles - classic steel frames from Canada.
Pinarello - aluminum and steel classics out there
Rohloff - Chains, hubs and related stuff.
Serotta - I've got one. Love it.
Spectrum - Tom Kellogg's work is lovely
Spicer Industries - 6061-T6 aluminum track frames, complete parts selection.
Terry Dolan - Liverpool England
Torelli - classic Pista Speciale in Columbus steel
Vitus - aluminum track bikes
Waterford - straight-ahead design track bikes from Wisconsin, USA.

Cycling Resource Sites

Pete's Bikindex (Java Enhanced) - links, Links, LINKS!
Pete's Bikindex (Plain) - same as above, without all that JAVA stuff.
Pete's List - Midwest Cycling Information Source has a track section
VeloNet (TM) - everything you ever wanted to know about bicycle newsgroups and mailing lists.
The Virtual Breakaway - bicycling links of all kinds.
CYBER CYCLERY - more bicycling links.
BIKE-ZONE - online cycling source for news and information.
CYCLE EXPO - bicycling resources and links.
Bicycle Online - Walden School, bikes tested and links. lists - access to cycling mailing list hyperarchives.
rec.bicycles.* Archives and FAQ - dig up the info you need from USENET cycling groups.

Cycling Links

Roger Hughes' Cycling Resources page with links to Eurpoean media.
Bicyclopedia - the online encyclopedia of cycling.
Links to Other Bike Pages - From the Wisconsin Bike Community pages - HUGE!
A-1 Bicycle Links - nice grouping of links.

Fun Pages

Radical and Extreme Hobbies - LOX BBQs, punkin' chunkin' and go-karts - kindred spirits.
Hometown Computing - Home of the 'drome - thanks to htcomp Pres. Larry Anglin.
Rich Cruse Photo - One of my mentors early on in the bike shooting biz.
Casey Gibson Photo - USA Cycling's in-house shooter. - the best cycling photographer in the world.
Gladu Tools Inc. - North America's leading manufacturer of diamond and carbide insert tooling.
Cyn's - My honey's home page.

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