2008 Mas O Menos 100K - Terlingua, Texas
photos by Mike Gladu
Race date: 2/16/08

Want to buy images of yourself?

Have fun looking through the 3742 thumbnails on these pages to find your images. They are
in sequential order, as they were taken, right out of the camera. I'm sorry if that doesn't make
it easy to search. I'll try to put some time references or the number plates associated with each
image as I have time. Until then, clicking on the thumbnail takes you to a slightly larger version
and some navigation aids to move around a little easier in the short term. Make a note of your
image numbers, pay $25 online (my PayPal.com ID is paypal@velodrome.com - linked by
the button below), and INCLUDE THE IMAGE NUMBERS in the "NOTES" window on the
payment PayPal page. Email them to me separately if you think I need reminding.

Once I've received the payment and you've provided the image numbers, I will
either link a
full resolution version
to each of your thumbnails, or give you a new address for find them
for download to your home computer. That's all it takes.

I prefer to have you download the image files yourself, and not send the 3MB image files
directly to you.  Mailing big image files is a recipe for disaster. Most folks email inbox won't
allow one file that size, let alone 5 or 10. If you INSIST - fine.

For your $25 you can have ALL the images I took of YOU. If you find one or two at the start,
a few of you climbing Tres Cuevas and maybe a few from the descent near the finish - you
get them all for $25. If you only find I captured one or two images of you or 100 - same price.
You're not paying for prints - just my time moving files around and a 'rights fee' to cover
copyright issues - allowing you to use the images any way you like.

If you decide to order, do it soon.  Old images have to be taken off the site to make room
for the future events.  If I run out of space on my velodrome.com site, I may create
a drop box on another domain to temporarily handle the load.  If that happens, I'll make
sure to put a link here for folks to follow.

Thanks for your interest.

Mike G.

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IMGL1133.jpg IMGL1134.jpg IMGL1135.jpg IMGL1138.jpg IMGL1139.jpg
IMGL1140 IMGL1141 IMGL1142 IMGL1143 IMGL1144
IMGL1140.jpg IMGL1141.jpg IMGL1142.jpg IMGL1143.jpg IMGL1144.jpg
IMGL1145 IMGL1146 IMGL1147 IMGL1148 IMGL1149
IMGL1145.jpg IMGL1146.jpg IMGL1147.jpg IMGL1148.jpg IMGL1149.jpg
IMGL1150 IMGL1151 IMGL1152 IMGL1153 IMGL1154
IMGL1150.jpg IMGL1151.jpg IMGL1152.jpg IMGL1153.jpg IMGL1154.jpg
IMGL1155 IMGL1156 IMGL1157 IMGL1158 IMGL1159
IMGL1155.jpg IMGL1156.jpg IMGL1157.jpg IMGL1158.jpg IMGL1159.jpg
IMGL1160 IMGL1161 IMGL1162 IMGL1163 IMGL1164
IMGL1160.jpg IMGL1161.jpg IMGL1162.jpg IMGL1163.jpg IMGL1164.jpg
IMGL1165 IMGL1166 IMGL1167 IMGL1168 IMGL1169
IMGL1165.jpg IMGL1166.jpg IMGL1167.jpg IMGL1168.jpg IMGL1169.jpg
IMGL1170 IMGL1171 IMGL1172 IMGL1173 IMGL1174
IMGL1170.jpg IMGL1171.jpg IMGL1172.jpg IMGL1173.jpg IMGL1174.jpg
IMGL1175 IMGL1176 IMGL1177 IMGL1178 IMGL1179
IMGL1175.jpg IMGL1176.jpg IMGL1177.jpg IMGL1178.jpg IMGL1179.jpg
IMGL1180 IMGL1181 IMGL1182 IMGL1183 IMGL1184
IMGL1180.jpg IMGL1181.jpg IMGL1182.jpg IMGL1183.jpg IMGL1184.jpg
IMGL1185 IMGL1186 IMGL1187 IMGL1188 IMGL1189
IMGL1185.jpg IMGL1186.jpg IMGL1187.jpg IMGL1188.jpg IMGL1189.jpg
IMGL1190 IMGL1191 IMGL1192 IMGL1193 IMGL1194
IMGL1190.jpg IMGL1191.jpg IMGL1192.jpg IMGL1193.jpg IMGL1194.jpg
IMGL1195 IMGL1196 IMGL1197 IMGL1198 IMGL1199
IMGL1195.jpg IMGL1196.jpg IMGL1197.jpg IMGL1198.jpg IMGL1199.jpg
IMGL1200 IMGL1201 IMGL1202 IMGL1203 IMGL1204
IMGL1200.jpg IMGL1201.jpg IMGL1202.jpg IMGL1203.jpg IMGL1204.jpg
IMGL1205 IMGL1206 IMGL1207 IMGL1208 IMGL1209
IMGL1205.jpg IMGL1206.jpg IMGL1207.jpg IMGL1208.jpg IMGL1209.jpg
IMGL1210 IMGL1211 IMGL1212 IMGL1213 IMGL1214
IMGL1210.jpg IMGL1211.jpg IMGL1212.jpg IMGL1213.jpg IMGL1214.jpg
IMGL1215 IMGL1216 IMGL1217 IMGL1218 IMGL1219
IMGL1215.jpg IMGL1216.jpg IMGL1217.jpg IMGL1218.jpg IMGL1219.jpg
IMGL1220 IMGL1221 IMGL1222 IMGL1223 IMGL1224
IMGL1220.jpg IMGL1221.jpg IMGL1222.jpg IMGL1223.jpg IMGL1224.jpg
IMGL1225 IMGL1226 IMGL1227 IMGL1228 IMGL1229
IMGL1225.jpg IMGL1226.jpg IMGL1227.jpg IMGL1228.jpg IMGL1229.jpg
IMGL1230 IMGL1231 IMGL1232 IMGL1233 IMGL1234
IMGL1230.jpg IMGL1231.jpg IMGL1232.jpg IMGL1233.jpg IMGL1234.jpg

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